Bobcat Laser Attachments

Bobcat Laser Attachments

Grade Surfaces with Precision, Control & Maximum Productivity!

Since 1921, Alex Power Equipment has been dedicated to providing all of Minnesota with reliable, cutting-edge equipment. If you have a Bobcat Laser, we recommend pairing it with a premium Bobcat attachment. Grade surfaces with more ease and efficiency than ever before with a Bobcat box blade, automatic grade control, and grading attachments.

Learn about our featured Bobcat grading attachments below, and stop in for expert guidance in your selection!

Featured Models:

Automatic Grade
Control - Laser

Fit for Bobcat S630 skid-steer loaders.

Delivers more accurate grading results in less time.

Enjoy reduced fatigue: focus on travel operation rather than the blade position.

No need for a crew to continually check grade on the job-site.

Box Blade

Designed for maximum performance.

Foam-filled tires provide excellent flotation to keep box blade moving smoothly over the work area.

The cutting edge of the moldboard is reversible and once worn, can be flipped over to provide a fresh cutting blade.


Excels at high-performance grading.

Even delicate tasks can be completed with powerful precision.

Moves six or eight different ways to grade any surface.

Oscillating bolster minimizes uneven ground.